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FloodGiven Florida’s naturally low topography, a flood disaster can strike at anytime and anywhere. The majority of flood disasters which have occurred over the last ten years are due to hurricanes and major storms. The aftermath of flood damage can cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, including walls, drywall, flooring materials, appliances, electrical, plumbing, and building envelopes. In many cases, damages are so severe that they result in the displacement of families from their homes. Filing a flood damage claim can be a painstaking and confusing process.

Most times, proper pre- and post-damage documentation of the premises is required of that thorough and accurate assessments can be made for your payout. Roughly 90% of current policy holders think that the legal terminology within their policy is both confusing and difficult to comprehend. Our team of experienced public adjustors can help you navigate this process, cutting through the legal jargon and getting you on the path to proper compensation for your claim.

Tips For Submitting Flood Damage Insurance Claims

It is expected that an insurance company will investigate a claim to determine whether coverage exists, to establish the extent of the insurer's liability, and calculate the proper amount of damages incurred. It is not uncommon for the adjuster assigned to your claim by your insurance company to conduct an evaluation and underestimate or flat out deny your flood damage claim because superficial damages are not readily apparent.

With that in mind, follow these tips to keep your claim on-track even if you’re not quite ready to hire a public adjuster:

  • Ask for a digital or physical copy of your insurance policy from your agent - and make sure it’s a certified copy! This contract will detail your coverage, your responsibilities and any mold provisions or limitations.
  • Never hesitate to contact an experienced public adjuster interpretation if something seems unclear or if there’s a dispute over coverage or policy language.
  • Mitigate the flood damage to prevent additional or further damages.
  • Do not restore your damaged property until after you have agreed on the scope and amount of damages with your insurance provider.
  • Document the damages with photos and/or video. If it is required to tear out dry wall or flooring before the insurance company’s claim adjuster can survey the damage, save samples.
  • Document any subsequent mold, microbial, or fungi growth that manifests after the loss.
  • Request the use of technology by your insurance adjuster to diagnose and document the full extent of the flood damage. If your insurance company does not utilize thermal or infrared imaging or moisture mapping technology, consider hiring a public adjuster that does in order to get a fair settlement.
  • Obtain third-party damage repair/restoration estimates to gauge the true cost repair for your water-damaged property from at least three different contractors.
  • Demand a written explanation from your insurance provider if your water damage claim is not settled within 45 days.
  • Contact a trusted or experienced public insurance adjuster if your insurance provider is not responsive or requires you to submit a Proof of Loss form for your water damage insurance claim.

Both our expertise and aggressive approach enable us to speed up the insurance claim process and show your insurance company the true value of your claim.

Claim Tip

Flood damage and water damage are often thought of as the same event or peril. They can in fact be completely different with one being covered and one excluded under common property insurance policies. Be careful of the terminology you use with your insurance company when you call in your claim.

Should you have any uncertainty regarding your flood damage claim, contact us today. We shall provide our expert knowledge and information to you, for you.

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