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Hurricane / TornadoAs we all know, living in Florida comes with its many weather risks. Hurricanes cannot be simplified into just a bunch of wind and rain. Between causing massive property damage and substantial risk to the health of you and your loved ones, Mother Nature can deliver one big blow to your finances.

In 2017 alone, Florida homeowners filed for 839,570 insurance claims due to Hurricane Irma. We can help you file your insurance claim quickly and easily, so you do not have to pay out-of-pocket to restore your property or pay for medical expenses. Retain our trusted public adjusters to ensure your hurricane claim is given the attention to detail necessary to quickly reach an insurance settlement.

Aaraya Consulting are ready to partner with victims of any tropical storm or hurricane and will make sure you can rest easy while we take care of your insurance claims. Our friendly, experienced adjusters will champion your claim settlements so that your insurance provider will pay what you are entitled to rather than what they simply want to pay.

How to Select the Perfect Public Adjuster for Your Hurricane Claim

You cannot fabricate real experience. And when your finances are on the line, it’s extremely important to make sure they’re being handled appropriately. In order to be certain that both your claim and your finances are being looked out for, try asking these questions to your adjuster before selecting one to to assist you with your claim:

  • How long have you been doing business as a public adjuster in my city?
  • Can I have a list of previous clients I can contact as a reference?
  • Are you a member of any public adjuster industry affiliations like FAPIA, TAPIA, NAPIA or WIND?
  • When and how will I be provided updates on my claim?
  • Can I have a list of previous clients I can contact as a reference?
  • How long have you been doing business as a public adjuster in my city?
  • How many other people will be working on my claim and what are their qualifications?

Our expertise and aggressive approach enable us to speed up the insurance claim process and show your insurance company the true value of your claim.

Tips For Submitting Hurricane Insurance Claims

It is an unfortunate reality that victims of hurricanes and other natural disasters are often taken advantage of by insurance companies because they know the victim’s desperation. Many insurance companies will not send their adjuster to your property for your claim evaluation up to weeks if not months after the event. With that in mind, follow these tips to keep your claim on-track, even if you’re not quite ready to hire a public adjuster:

  • Ask for a digital or physical copy of your insurance policy from your agent - make sure it’s a certified copy!
  • Compile a list of everything that was damaged or destroyed, including but not limited to clothing, personal items, furniture, etc. and include age, brand, quantity, purchase price and a link to where the item can be purchased online.
  • Take time-stamped photographs or videos of the damages and document the damages as thoroughly as possible as to avoid any future dispute with the insurance company.
  • Do not allow a restoration or removal company take or dispose of your property until you have met with your insurance provider’s adjuster.
  • Mitigate additional damage to your home and property by tarping your roof and boarding up windows.
  • Obtain quote estimates from third-party vendors and companies to check against your insurance company.
  • Do not sign “for insurance proceeds” contracts with contractors without conducting a thorough review of the company.
  • Keep a list of all times/dates you communicated with your insurance company and by what means (email, telephone call, formal mail correspondence, etc.)
  • Demand a written explanation from your insurance provider if your hurricane claim is not settled within 60 days.
  • Read over your policy for additional hidden benefits. Ex: in many total-loss scenarios, a potential 35% extra coverage above the policy limit may be available.
  • Take it slow. Insurance providers and “recovery” companies will pressure you to make decisions quickly. Never jump into a decision before getting all the information.
  • Consider obtaining legal advice prior to entering any contracts for restoration or repair of your property.

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Our expert public adjusters are prepared to give you the help you need. We give every case the attention it deserves so you are rest assured that your claim will be settled to your satisfaction.

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