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Sinkhole DamageSinkholes are a natural phenomenon that occur here in Florida because of frequent rainfall and shallow aquifer that erodes the limestone beneath the soil. Most of the time, signs or indicators of sinkhole activity will manifest at your property before a sinkhole opens, however, sinkholes can still cause serious damage and injury. Do not wait until it is too late if you suspect that your home may be experiencing sinkhole-related damage.

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Tips For Determining Sinkhole Activity On Your Property

It is not uncommon for the claim adjuster assigned to your case by your insurance provider to perform an evaluation at your property and underestimate or flat out deny your sinkhole damage claim because there is not apparent superficial damages. With this in mind, the following are signs of possible sinkhole activity. These tips will help to keep your claim on-track even if you’re not quite ready to hire a public adjuster:

  • Depressions or holes in your yard.
  • Cracks, separations and nail protrusions to interior walls and ceilings.
  • Cracks may appear on walls in a diagonal or “stair-step” pattern – most often in exterior walls of the home or building.
  • Doors or windows that “stick” or won’t otherwise open/shut properly.
  • Cracks along pool decks and patios.
  • Cracked, broken or hollow-sounding floor tiles.
  • Uneven floors or pavement.

Note: These signs do not definitively indicate sinkhole activity. Our adjusters can provide advice on sinkhole coverage under your homeowner’s policy and help to litigate disputes regarding your homeowner’s coverage

Both our expertise and aggressive approach enable us to speed up the insurance claim process and show your insurance company the true value of your claim.

FAQs Regarding Sinkhole Activity And Insurance Coverage

How do I know if I have sinkhole activity?
There are many signs, but none of them are definitive proof without getting a professional consultation. Physical signs to your home are a good indication, such as cracks to exterior stucco and cinder blocks, cracks to windows sills and cracks to patio areas, drive ways and garage floors
What should I do if I think I have sinkhole activity?
Call our office immediately to start the process of getting an evaluation and submitting an insurance claim. Do not wait to take action if you suspect sinkhole activity.
Will I be able to get coverage at a future point?
You may be able to get future coverage depending on which county you reside in, whether or not it is cost-prohibitive or if insurance companies are still offering coverage.
Will my property value decrease after reporting a claim, even if there is not actually sinkhole activity?
No, your property value will not decrease for reporting a claim if it’s determined there is not actual sinkhole activity.
If I do have sinkhole activity, will my property value be negatively affected?
Your property value may change depending on the level of sinkhole activity unless your property is completely restored to its pre-loss condition.
Will my insurance premiums increase drastically?
Most homeowners’ insurance premiums will increase if sinkhole coverage is an elected peril.
What will happen if my insurance company denies my insurance claim?
Contact us immediately if your insurance provider denies your claim. We will work to determine if your provider unjustly denied your claim and what steps can be taken next.
What if sinkhole activity coverage is no longer provided in my policy?
Unfortunately, if a sinkhole coverage option is not provided, you will not have coverage from that insurance provider unless you experience catastrophic damage to your home, such as it falling into a hole (collapse sinkhole).
If I do have sinkhole activity, how much will it cost to have it repaired?
Cost always depends on the extent of the damage. We recommend getting at least three restoration quotes before making a decision with how to proceed.

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